Water Line Replacement and Pipe Leak Repair

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If your water bill has increased by more than 20% without changes being made to sprinkler watering times, or having company visit your home, you probably have a leak requiring main water line replacement or repair! It is important to have your pipes repaired as soon as possible to avoid additional costs as well as damages. As Atlanta water line and pipe leak repair experts, you can count on Progressive Plumbing to locate and fix the leak quickly.

Leak Repair FAQs

If your water bill has suddenly become increasingly high, you can be sure you have a leak somewhere. Once you have recognized that there is a problem, you will need to determine the location of the leak. The first step to finding the leak is to check if any of the toilets are constantly running. If you notice condensation on the bowl or tank, you most likely have a leak in your toilet.

Alternatively, check your front yard for any wet spots on your lawn. Turn off all appliances in your house that uses water. Once all the appliances are off, check your water meter and make a note of the reading. In about half an hour, check the meter again. If it has moved, then you know there is definitely a leak.

Of course, as professionals, we are able to help diagnose if and exactly where the leak is, so please contact us immediately at 404.644.9734, before your water bill runs any higher.

A broken water line outside can cause an excessively high water bill. Look for wet spots in your yard or the sound of running water when no faucets or appliances are in use.

This is the time where you would need the services of a professional plumber.

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Water Line Repair Tips

Water mainlines do not require any maintenance as such, how ever, it is good to know the following:

  • Where the water meter is located at the street.

  • Where the water main runs in your front yard to prevent damaging the line during landscaping.

  • Where the water main enters your house and where the main shut off valve is located.

  • Have a meter key to turn the water off at the meter in case of emergency.

  • Our technicians can help you with all these issues.