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Of all the plumbing problems in your home, most people would rank a clogged toilet as the biggest and most common problem.  An experienced plumber can easily diagnose and repair toilet clogs.

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Toilet Repair FAQs

If your toilet leaks whenever you flush it, this is an indication that a repair is needed immediately. Usually, the problem is that the wax bowl ring and/or the flange needs to be replaced. This is a dirty job that involves removing the toilet from the floor and it is best left for the plumber. Refer to our Toilet Tips for additional advice.

The most common cause is a clog. First option is to try plunging the toilet. If you don’t see a significant change after plunging, it may need to be snaked, which requires the expertise of a professional plumber.

There could be a problem in the pipes as well. However, if your toilet is a low-volume type and several years old, you may want to look into today’s low-pressure toilets. The low-pressure toilets on the market today have been redesigned and function much better and more efficiently.

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Tips about Toilet Maintenance you didn’t know

The average person spends about three years of their life using a toilet. (Don’t laugh.) Prolong its life with these useful tips:

  • The toilet uses the most water in your house. Toilet leaks only add to water consumption and thus, should be checked regularly. Note that they are not always noticeable. To see if there is an internal leak, put food coloring in the tank and check the toilet bowl later. If the bowl water is colored, there is a leak from the tank. This may mean you need to replace the fill valve or flapper. This test should be performed at least once a year.

  • A slow flushing toilet should never be ignored because it can cause overflows and backups. The usual causes are partial clogs, sediment buildup, or malfunctioning parts in the tank. Conduct periodic checks on your toilet to diagnose the problem.

  • Household cleaners are oftentimes detrimental to the proper functioning of a toilet. Do not EVER put any chemicals in the toilet tank. This deteriorates all the plastic parts in the tank. This is especially true for drop-in cleaner tabs.

  • Never flush sanitary or baby wipes items down the toilet.

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